Olsen Fashion

We developed the visual identity of the entire loyalty program for Olsen Fashion for the Russian market. In Russia Olsen is running 60 mono-label-stores, half of them in the capital Moscow, and is still expanding. The brand targets at modern women, who think positive and are open-minded. It encounters both modern and classical values, and stands for attributes such as sportiveness, comfort and harmony.

The loyalty program includes several media such as membership-cards on different levels, a welcome-package, a questionnaire, displays and further more. It offers various benefits to Olsen's loyal customers, and allows the brand to optimize their marketing efforts.

Olsen's loyalty cards, produced in transparent plastic, introduce an outstanding style and differentiate the brand from its competitors – the cards themselves become a fashion-statement. All media of the loyalty program are united by the design element of the horizontal 'ribbon', the bandorole of excellence.